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Hi, I'm Lynn


I'm a storyteller by vocation and avocation. I've spent most of my life telling other people's stories, for many years through words, and since 2010 through professional portrait and event photography here in Denver, Colorado. 

Who I am: a creative, curious, professional, fun and relaxed person who will deliver photos that make you say, “Wow, I look great!”

How I Work

When I make portraits of people, I aim to hold up a mirror for them to see what the rest of the world sees: confidence, charisma, personality, light. I want to capture a single image that tells as much about you as a full conversation.

When I capture events through photography, I aim to tell the whole story from the big picture to the interaction and emotion to the details.

When I capture brand images for small businesses, I aim to help you tell your brand story in a way that helps you connect with your dream customers. 


I create fun, comfortable portrait experiences where you feel free to express your true and unique self.


Aim for excellence. Show up authentically. Explore the gorgeous depths of who you are. Practice passionate imagination. Make real connection. Stretch your brain for the pleasure of it. Speak from your heart. Trust your gut. Find beauty everywhere ... especially inside you. And if nothing else, have fun!

And then, the requisite bio

I went to journalism school and had a successful 23-year career in journalism and non-profit public relations. In PR, you have to know how to take a photo--lots of headshots and group photos, lots of event photos. So by the time I started my photography business in 2010, I was pretty good at those things.

Now, I photograph grownups (and the occasional teenager) through

I have two teenagers and a husband, a cat and ferrets. I grew up in Aurora, went to Colorado State and then Metro. I'm a writer of narrative nonfiction, an occasional yogini, a lover of theater and The Walking Dead, and a good cook if someone else cleans. I've been known to drink a little scotch and eat pretty much any kind of chocolate (scotch and chocolate pairing? yes please).

One of my favorite things in the world--and my biggest draw to being a photographer--is connecting with new people. So, let's connect!