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Denver attorney headshots

Kate is a Denver attorney working in a more casual space, and she hired me to create headshots that weren't so "lawyer-y." We wound up doing her session at her lovely home. Many private homes and offices have fantastic light and neutral backgrounds that work really well for headshots.

Kate wanted to put her headshots to a different use, too: her acting sideline. I made sure to get a few simple, classic portraits that could work in that vein as well. Headshots don't need to be fancy. They just need to reflect who you are.


Corporate Lawyer Headshots | Denver headshot photography

Erin is a corporate attorney in Denver, specializing in contract negotiations. A mutual friend referred her to me because she needed a new business headshot ... and fast!

We met at 7:30 in the morning on a work day for her outdoor on-location photoshoot. She just happens to have a gorgeous backyard in Denver's Observatory Park neighborhood, so we took full advantage of the backdrops there. The light and weather are usually the best in the morning. Erin said it was nice to be able to have her session finished before her day started.

Most people don't enjoy having their portrait made, but Erin was a sport, happy to follow me into my pre-camera power pose. As she settled into her confidence, we were able to create fantastic, formal-yet-informal headshots for her.

My schedule allowed me to deliver her photos in her online gallery the same day. Need a rush? Just ask!

Here are a few of my favorites photos of Erin.

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Headshots for Denver Reiki Master and Shaman Chanda Swanson


Meet Chandra, a Denver Reiki master, shaman and intuitive energy healer who also happens to be an aesthetician. She jokes that she can give you a Brazilian wax and psychic reading at the same time. (She actually can.)

Our mutual friend Helen introduced us because Chanda is creating a new website and not only needed new copy (writing is yet another part of my business), but also photographs: headshots and details of her business, which is called Breathe by Chanda.

Chanda and I have several things in common, the strongest of which is a deep fear of "being seen." For her, that includes not being fond of being in front of a camera. Whenever a client gives me that history, I'm especially challenged to show her just how much the camera loves her.

We met at her office and the Wyandott Beauty and Wellness Collective, which is located in LoHi in a cool, converted Victorian house just west of I-25 and Speer Boulevard. It's an amazing space in terms of both energy and light. (In fact, I may just be able to hire the space for YOUR headshots, too).

I enjoy creating people's headshots in a place where they feel comfortable. And since Chandra specifically wanted some photos of her praying at her altar, it was important for us to do her session here.

At first, she was so nervous that she was shaking a little. So I asked her what would make her feel more comfortable. Her answer: Music. She cranked the tunes and relaxed immediately. With my daughter, Lauren, as my assistant, together we created these beautiful, personality-driven business portraits for Chandra. I can't wait to see how she incorporates them into her new website!

Learn more about Chandra here.

Breathe by Chandra