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Denver aesthetician headshots at The Tattered Cover

I met Cassandra Bray, owner of Blissful Beauty Skin Studio in Arvada, Colorado, on a Facebook group. A master hair and makeup artist, she agreed to help me with a boudoir model, and in exchange I created some beautiful headshots for her.

I found out while working with her that Cassandra is also a skilled and experienced aesthetician. We've chatted a lot about skin care, and we're planning to do a class together in early 2016 so she can share her knowledge with my clients and their friends.

Like many of my clients, Cassandra is not in love with being in front of the camera, but I convinced her to give it a try. She said that she's never really liked photos of herself, having felt self-conscious about being a redhead before it became "the" color (hail redheads!). People like her always feel like a challenge because I have a deep desire to show them that they do look great in photographs.


We started outside The Tattered Cover on E. Colfax Ave. in Denver. There's a great alley between the bookstore and Twist & Shout, and I knew that it would be helpful to start off sitting at a table. We started chatting and I spent some time getting the light right as she relaxed into having my lens pointed her way. I got her to laugh, and to think of "something delicious" and smile ... soon I saw the real Cassandra appear in front of me.

She said that she really loves fall colors, and I can see why with her beautiful red hair, freckles and hazel eyes. She wanted portraits that are warm and friendly so that her skin care clients would feel instantly relaxed when they met her in person. So we walked up the street until we found some pretty fall leaves.

Here's what I love about Cassandra's photos: She wore clothing that is perfectly suited to meeting with clients and in colors that enhanced her natural beauty. She showed up emotionally with a little coaching. I think this is the hardest thing for clients to do when we have such a short time together. But she was committed to creating compelling portraits, so she gave me her trust.

She will use her business portraits on her website, as her profile photo on Facebook and LinkedIn, and as headshots on her marketing materials.

Cassandra has since become one of my favorite hair and makeup artists to work with. I can't wait to see her for a facial too.

How to find Cassandra

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