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Headshots for a writer in Downtown Denver

(By the way, I just moved my website to this platform and I'm slowly rebuilding my blog. I really have photographed more than 1 client! Stay tuned!)

This is my friend Mary Lemma. She's an amazing business writer and storyteller. I was lucky to meet her and work with her back in the day when I was in nonprofit communications at CU. 

Mary is funny. She's smart and on-point when she speaks and when she writes. Most of all, she's an excellent storyteller. So much so that we're talking about doing a project together. 

A couple of months ago, Mary had traditional headshots done--you know, the kind with the big flash and a canvas backdrop. They were perfectly lovely, but didn't really capture her personality. So, she came to me to get something different.

I love doing headshots in the Lower Downtown Denver area because there are beautiful and interesting backdrops. I wanted to photograph Mary in a casual yet professional manner since many of her clients have that style. She wore a beautiful blue top to compliment her pretty eyes. We found a great brick backdrop, then moved over to "the turquoise building" at 15th and Wewatta. (It's my favorite.)

By the end of her Headshot Mini Session, she was relaxed and having fun. Since I'm a boudoir photographer, I am really good at helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera and posing them in flattering ways. Mary told me, "You really know what you're doing!" 

Mary decided to invest in professional makeup application, and I was able to connect her with Tori Apodaca from Bronze and Beautiful. She understands the balance between using enough makeup for the camera without going overboard, especially for professional portraits. Hairstyling and makeup are a great add-on for a confidence boost. I have a large list of talented and licensed artists in the Denver area to connect you with.

Like many women, Mary's not in love with being in front of the camera. She told me she was nervous about it, so I met her at the Tattered Cover in LoDo. We both LOVE us  bookstore, and this location is wonderful. We took a few photos inside, then moved outside for the beautiful light.

I do minimal retouching on headshots--a little cleaning up of shadows under the eyes, blemish removal and then a little pop of color and contrast. So, this is Mary in all of her beauty!

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