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Headshots for personal photos at the Denver Public Library downtown


Charles reached out to me online because it's been a while since he's had any kind of photo made of himself. A handsome single guy living in Denver, Colorado, he not only wanted a good headshot for his LinkedIn and Facebook profile photos, but also a great portrait to print and give to his family.

We met in downtown Denver at one of my favorite places to photograph men: The Denver Public Library and the Denver Art Museum. I love this location (near 13th and Broadway) because of the interesting-yet-neutral architecture and backdrops and the beautiful afternoon light I found there. There are also some colorful walls a short walk away, as well as Denver Civic Center Park's Greek Amphitheater and the Denver City and County Building (which attorneys like having in the background).

Charles and I had a fun 30 minutes photographing his headshots session in some lovely afternoon light. He has an easy smile and manner, and despite admitting he felt a little nervous, he did great!